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Chapter 4:12, showed Gehazi as servant of Elisha Chapter 4:31, He was sent an errand by Elisha to take his staff to raise and heal a sick boy.
Chapter 5:20-27 Gehazi backslidden, fallen from grace to grass, laid the foundation of people who followed God for bread while their heart and visions remains in the valley of vain glory of the mundane things of this world.
  1. Gehazi heard a call like every other servant of God including the prosperity preachers.
  2. Gehazi did answer the call like others including our rich conscious servants of God.
  3. Gehazi went to the bible college like our prosperity preachers, see 1kings 19:19, Elisha was among the twelve, possibly the most senior student, spirit filled student prophets when Elijah threw his mantle upon him. And it is not out of place to assume that Elisha also chose Gehazi from this twelve.
  4. Gehazi being among the Sons of prophets or the college of prophets as some bible translation puts it, was fully aware of the Elijah’s ministry and how he served God. Gehazi was fully aware of how his master served Elijah and how his master got his double portion anointing.
  5. Gehazi witnessed most of the miracle that his master did, partook in some and testified same.
  6. Gehazi by his training must have been aware of the process and procedures of inheriting the office of the prophet in Israel.
  7. He was aware that it is God that determines who He chooses to be the prophet and the king maker.
The answer could be deducted in 2kings 8:4, “And the king talked with Gehazi the servant of the man of God, saying, Tell me , I pray thee, all the great things that Elisha hath done.”
From this verse we could see that Gehazi is now talking with a king, which could not be possible if he was still under Elisha, or else he would have been acting an order of his master which is not the case here.
  1. Gehazi was inpatient waiting for God’s appointed time of blessing, like his counter- part pastors and general overseers of today.
  2. A lot of doubt of the power of God pursued him to start seeking for world power empowerment, so do today’s prosperity preachers. See 2kings 4:42-44, Somebody brought twelve loaves of bread to Elisha as first fruit and Elisha told his servant to serve it on the people with him to eat, he questioned Elisha why he should serve only twelve loaves on a hundred people, but at Elisha’s command he did so and every body eat and was satisfied. Today’s servant cannot wait for God to direct them in everything. They forgot that the ministry belong to God, so they have to wait for his provisions also to build his house or whether not to build, but for them every pastor must undertake a project of building block house from there, they raise a lot of money to build their own house, train their children and live a squanderlous life style including using church money to sponsor their political friends in an election.
  3. Gehazi despised God’s inheritance of prophethood and king maker. To him he cannot remain under servitude and after, he will be ordaining kings instead of him becoming the king. So for him to achieve that he needs the riches and great possessions of this world. Without riches there is no recognition in the society preached by prosperity pastors, so they groom their listeners to believe so and despise God and run into politics with the slightest opportunity and many are practicing politics from the pulpit. They turn Christ message of carrying your cross and follow me and repentance from dead works to collection of all form of church offerings and taxes.
  4. Gehazi collecting money and goods that was rejected by Elisha from Naaman shows that he believed what today’s pastors believed in, turning the power and services of God into rewards and profits.
  5. Gehazi joined politics, he used he used the influence of Elisha the king maker to advance his political career. He finally got what he wanted when he became a tale bearer to the king of Syria who now utilized the opportunity to seek favour of healing from Elisha, thinking he can buy God and His services with a gift, not knowing that his message will bring doom and end to his life and reign, for Elisha was sent by God to ordain his servant as king. 1kings 8:7-11. We can see how Gehazi systematically joined politics the service of valley of vision, whatever they do in that valley your guess is as good as mine.
  6. His reward of serving God was everlasting leprous. What a tragedy for him and those that took after him today sitting in the pulpit of God and dishing out counterfeit of the word, twisting the word of God into lies and are deceiving many into believing that they can serve God with money and those who do not have are carrying satanic curses.
It is a day of salvation again. God is calling these pastors and their general overseers to order. The news reaching us is that Televangelist Benny Hinn has confessed to US Senators after questioning him on his years of prosperity preaching that he is wrong. Let us visit this website, RAWSTORY.COM, to confirm the story.
We pray they all turn a new leave or else vacate the churches to avoid the wrath of God and go back to their master’s shrine for the word of God is not for sale. Those that God calls wait upon Him for HIS provisions, and He alone build HIS church, whether physical or spiritual building, He do not accept any how gift and offering less His enemy pollute His house with leprous gift and offerings. It is a day of salvation, maintain and guard God’s calling with jealousy. Miriam the sister of Moses repented and her leprous was healed after seven days, take advantage of that and repent.
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