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Special Visit with Three Very Special People :-)

Last month we had a very big treat with getting to see and spend a few days with Tayte, Martha and our little grandbaby/neice Alexandria.  What a special and precious time we had!

 Our three boys.  What precious guys these are, bringing so much life and laughter to our family. 
They truly are our "spice of life"! Love each one of them so much!  Titus so enjoyed the time he got to spend with his big brother.  Let's just say they had a lot of fun doing what only brothers would do. :-)

Esther and Sarah had SOOO much fun with their little niece!  They couldn't get enough of her.

Grandpa enjoying this sweet moment with his little granddaughter and daughter.
So precious!

Bell and Martha having a treasured time up in bed as Bell shared with her the story book she has been writing.

Alexandria trying to figure out her uncle.  So cute to watch them together!

Two of the most darling babies ever!

Saying good morning. :-)  This little gal LOVES her daddy!  It's so precious getting to see Tayte as a dad.  I think little dolly has a very special place in her daddy's heart. :-)

Uncle Titus with Alexandria.  He thinks she's pretty special. :-)

 A calming moment to snuggle with Aunt Brittany, who also thinks she is just precious. :-)

Precious times of talking and catching up.  What a precious sister in law/daughter in law we have!  Add the darling babies and what could be better?!

The guys were hard at it a good deal of the time, working together wrenching on "stuff", etc., and just having an enjoyable time being together, with even some water fun happening at the one point. :-)

Grandma treasuring the time with this sweetie pie!

Big brother with his littlest brother, 20 years younger than he is.  Who would have thought?!  The Lord's ways, though often mysterious and beyond our comprehension, are so marvelous!  How thankful and truly blessed we are!
Tayte loved how snuggly Benjamin is. :-)

This little gal is a ray of sunshine!  She has such a pleasant personality and is so full of life.  What a joy and treasure she is!  Yes, Aunt Bree was drinking up every minute with this sweet heart!  She has a way of melting your heart and making you fall in love with her...trust me! :-)

Her mommy painted her little tosies!  So darling!

Thank you so much for the sweet time we had with you all Tayte, Martha and Alexandria!  We  love you all so very much!  You are daily in our thoughts and prayers and always in our hearts!  You are loved beyond words!


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