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Family Trip to St. George Island

This December we took a mile-marker, memory-maker trip.  Our first family trip to the beach!  Having grown up in the Ohio/Indiana area our whole lives, ocean waves and sandy beaches are a beauty that has never been a reality for us.  So... after moving to south Georgia and gaining some wonderful church family in north Florida, our sense of culture and landscape are being broadened greatly. :-)  We were thankful for this opportunity, and that we got to do it as a family.  Our Lord's handiwork is truly amazing!  Here are some pictures from our time at St. George Island, Florida.

The St. George Island Bridge
We were a little unsure about how we would feel while crossing this four mile long bridge, but once we got to it, we decided that it wasn't nerve-wracking at all, but greatly enjoyed the amazing view over open water.
While crossing the bridge to get to St. George Island the sun was beginning to set.
Seeing the sun set over the open water was truly beautiful!

Welcome to St. George Island! :-)
Even though it was almost dark when we got there, after we checked in at our hotel we had to make a quick trip to the beach.  Even in the dark it was pretty neat.
At the door to our room at the "St. George Inn".
Our first night there we enjoyed spending the evening settling into our room, eating pizza, playing cards, etc.
Britt, Bell, and Bree
a sister shot taken by Mom while playing cards
In the morning we headed to the beach.
The kids were all thrilled!  (Not to mention we adults.) :-)
The endless water, the waves, the sand, the shells, were all amazing!
Bell and Ti enjoying the water.
I love their delighted smiles in this picture.
Bell found a neat little shell that looked like a butterfly.  So, we had to get a picture.
There were so many shells. - We were amazed!
Everyone had lots of fun collecting them and showing each other.
The kids came home with bag fulls. :-)
Leaving the beach to head back to the Inn for lunch.
A quick pic on the dock in front of the lighthouse.
 Saturday afternoon, getting ready to head back to the beach!
We were intrigued with this sign and flag at the main entrance dock to the beach.  Bree had to snap a picture.
Water Closed to Public
High Hazard - (what it was the day we were there)
Medium Hazard
Low Hazard
Dangerous Marine Life  - (!? sounds interesting ?!)
A shot entering the beach.
(Bree was sweet and took this one.)
Running on the sandy beach was a neat experience in itself.
Love this one of Sarah - sweet, carefree delight. :-)
Running down to the water.
Feeling the water coming in was amazing.
Sarah enjoying the cool water and the waves.
Titus and Sarah standing in the waves as they came in.
Elizabeth, standing amazed and thrilled.
Mom and All We Girls
The little ones chasing a bird.
We were amazed at how close these little birds would come to where we were.
Of course they wouldn't let us get too close. :-)
Writing notes in the sand and watching the water gently wash them away.
Breanna enjoying the breathtaking view.
Taking a stroll on the beach.
Mom and Baby :-)
Sisters make the best friends. :-)
Though we look forward to seeing what the Lord's plans are for the future,
we are both so grateful for this precious time we have right now at home with our family.
Amazing Beauty
Dad and Titus walking the beach.
Wading as the waves come in.
Dad and We Kids
Father and Son
These are some special guys.  We are very thankful for both of them!
Mom and Dad
Wonderful parents, fully committed to the Lord and each other.
Bell's sunshine and shells.
Mom, Dad, and Baby :-)
I love these pictures of Sarah.
creativity, anticipation, calm fascination
We had a lot of fun building sandcastles and motes, trying to protect them from the waves coming in, but trying to get the motes to fill up with water.

Our ingenious little guy made a trowel out of a large, broken shell to dig their mote.
Dad and Bree

Britt, Bree, and Ti
We tried to go out as far as we could to feel the waves.
Family Picture Time!
We had fun with these.

Bell's creativity.
All we "Alexander Girls"
Mom and Dad taking a sunset walk on the beach.
Something they've always wanted to do.
Amazing Beauty
St. George Island Lighthouse

It was a full, delightful weekend of new experiences and precious family time.  The ocean is such an amazing sight!  It is peaceful and strong , awe-striking and breathtaking.  We all enjoyed the time spent walking in the water's edge, in the waves, and on the sand, collecting shells, watching the birds, and just walking and sitting quietly in the sand looking out across the water.  The handiwork of our God is truly amazing!

"The heavens declare
The Glory of God 
and the firmament showeth his handiwork."
~ Psalm 19:1 ~

"Marvelous are Thy Works
and that My Soul Knoweth right well."
~ Psalm 139:14b ~

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