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Faithfulness in the Little Things

I was very convicted by this piece this morning.  What it really comes down to is, Are we living for ourselves, or are we living for Christ?  If we would live for Christ, we must constantly die to ourselves, to our preferences, to our wants, to anything that has to do with "I".  May He be gracious to reveal our hearts and to help us to walk faithfully in the little things.  That's what really shows who we are and who we're serving.

"She hath done what she could."  - Mark 14:8

Lord, let me do the little things
Which may fall to my lot;
Those little inconspicuous ones
By others oft forgot.

If, like the Master, I can give
Myself for those I love,
Rich joy and peace shall come to me,
Sweet rest in heaven above.

I know not when the day shall close;
But when life's curfew rings
I want my Lord to find me then
Still doing little things.

I'm sure that those persons who are faithful in that which is least must wear very radiant crowns.  They are the ones who tower above us when they are called upon to do the little tasks - never murmuring.  They are meticulous in the furrowed roads of drudgery.  They are the people who, when trudging up the "Hill of Difficulty," make it well.  They are the folks who win the victories amid trivial irritations.  They are as constant when they are wearing house dresses or overalls in their daily chores as when they are wearing royal purple and fine satin in the presence of the King.  They complete the most obscure piece of work as though it were to be displayed before a great assembly who will pass judgment.  Great are they who are faithful in the little things.
Little hamlets act out their dramas in small events.  Jesus lived most of His thirty years amid the insignificant incidents of the little village of Nazareth.  He toiled faithfully as a carpenter in His father's little shop.  He labored amid the humdrum, the petty cares, the trivial village gossip.  Yet He was faithful in the little things - yes, even in the least!  He wore His crown with dignity and honor.  It was forever upon His brow!
- M. Taylor
-Streams in the Desert, Volume 2, May 3rd

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