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Can We Learn Deep Lessons About Spiritual Faithfulness From the Farmer Who Could Not Sell His Milk?

Might it be turning into greater difficult in nowadays to stay faithful to Almighty God, and to stay, dependable, and proper to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, while some in positions of 'management' inside the seen church are turning far from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments?

There is a massive difference among what we see as the seen church, and the Church of Jesus Christ.

How can we stay faithful, and loyal, and actual to Jesus Christ and His Word, in an afternoon of religious treason? Oh it's far feasible. Let me guarantee and reassure you of that.

Over these beyond few weeks and months I actually have given myself to studying and studying cautiously, in this essential subject matter of The Fruit of the Spirit, in Galatians Chapter five. Do read it. Do take time and make time to study it. There is perpetually a wealthy and enriching blessing for folks that examine God's Holy Word.

This is why I am speakme about and writing approximately faithfulness.

There is not a number of faithfulness around. I assume you will believe that.

The Children of Israel came out of Egypt, and they made the sort of precise starting, but after only three days,  million human beings began to grumble and ONE MAN PRAYED. Moses went to god in prayer!

Two million who had suffered a lot and who had visible a lot, GIRNED, and one guy went to GOD, and God in His faithfulness met their on the spot need, but they wandered round in circles for forty years, whilst the journey could have taken them approximately forty days.

Jesus maintains reminding the humans - people who are faithful in little could be trustworthy in plenty. And, it can begin with something so tiny.

Turn to Luke Chapter sixteen verse 10.

I consider the days when people just could now not flip to Luke Chapter 16 verse 10. They may also have had an awesome purpose for now not turning to Luke Chapter 16. But if a person says in his coronary heart, "I'm no longer turning to Luke sixteen - I've no intention of turning to Luke sixteen -

I do not need to show to Luke sixteen - any way I recognise what's in Luke sixteen, these kinds of indicate symptoms of resistance and revolt.

If a person knew what turned into in Luke 16 he would turn to it, and if he didn't know what turned into in Luke 16 then he needs to turn to it - and verse eleven too.

God works with very fundamental concepts - when He sees us obeying little things - He then comes and asks us to address bigger duties.

We name this - 'cultivating faithfulness'.

If a man lets in the weeds of disobedience to flourish he must now not be too amazed if they take over.

It is like sitting your driving check. If you fail it first time spherical you have to re-sit the take a look at, and if you don't re-take a seat the take a look at you aren't allowed out in your personal.

Jesus Christ desires to send us out - as leaders and with apostolic, prophetic ministries, as priests.

As prophets we convey GOD to human beings.

As monks, we convey people to GOD.

Verse 12 of Luke Chapter sixteen has tons to teach us too regarding faithfulness. My undertaking is to convey you this phrase as faithfully as I can.

My past due non secular friend, and colleague in Christ, Derek Prince, used to say, "I purpose to be the first-class Bible instructor I may be - and I will not compare myself with every other Bible trainer."

Aim to be the excellent you may be in Christ - the best disciple - the best satisfactory of service which you can render and provide.

There turned into a farmer who offered milk, and he had to power his cow round in a trailer from door to door, and milk the cow and sell the milk in front of the consumer. It brought about him a whole lot of trouble - but why? He could not be trusted no longer to water down the milk - and his dishonesty doomed him to this every day drudgery.

One of the worst things approximately dishonesty is to be the individual that is deceptive, and one of the satisfactory things about faithfulness is to recognize which you are appealing God.

If a man is deceptive - and he tries to wish - that aspect will come up into his mind as he seeks to wish.

It is faithfulness - it is fidelity - that holds a society together - and that first-class cement is in brief supply.

Jesus is so inclined to increase the deliver and improve the great.

Our faithfulness as disciples of Jesus Christ might be examined.
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