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Beginning of the Year Snap Shots

I know this is a very large overview, but I thought that it would be neat to share some of the everyday snapshots from the first part of our year.  Truly, family is a precious gift from the Lord, and He showers many blessings with it.

I love this picture.
Daddy sitting there with his two little girls,
and Sarah stroking his hair.  ~ So sweet.
Esther being a sweet big sister helping Sarah ride her bike.
(The bigger bikes always look like so much fun. :-) )
 Starting seeds for the garden...
...and setting up the green house.
Titus bought a guitar.
He was one excited boy when that package arrived!
Bell loves doing the little girlies hair, and they like curls.
She's a good big sister and an excellent helper.
A baby quilt we made for dear family friends back in Ohio who had a new baby.
Though we got it done later than we wanted, the timing in which it arrived was a special blessing to our friend.  The Lord's timing is amazing and perfect.
Working on a puzzle.
Several years ago we put together a puzzle to hang on the wall in our bathroom.  It was such a special memory maker.  Today as it now hangs in our new living room it still brings back memories of the precious time we spent together working on it, and the many hands that helped put it together.   We decided to put together a puzzle for each bedroom in our new home.  So we've begun that process of memory making again.  It will be neat to see the memories that collect as each picture is hung and enjoyed.  The Lord is so good to us, and these puzzles are just little reminders of His many sweet blessings in life.

Playing with Dominos
Installing a new air conditioning system with the help of some dear friends.
Little friends all dressed up
Breanna got her permit renewed since moving to Georgia.
The little ones were sweet and prepared a special tea, snack, and music to celebrate.
Sarah loves those puppies. :-)
Daddy teaching Esther how to tie her shoes.
A special Daddy thing.
The Lord blessed us with a large area rug that was given to us by some sweet neighbors.
Here the kiddos are enjoying it the first evening while playing a game of hearts.
Puppy dogs and dollies and two precious girlies. :-)
Hearts so full of life and love.
Moving the new laying hens to the other side of the property.
 Breanna doing the little girls hair up special for church.
Finishing a puzzle.
Sarah reading to Daddy and Esther...
...and Esther reading to Daddy and Sarah.
They are both learning to read and are doing really well!
Writing out recipes.
10 sweet, lively puppies - everywhere!
The kids loved it!

Matching Friends for Church
School Fun
Breanna and I both enjoy helping teach our younger siblings.
From time to time we like to take a sweet treat in to the place where Dad works.  This time we placed a trillion dollar tract on each individual baggie.  Though seemingly small, we never know how the Lord may use our small efforts of light.
Riding bikes with puppy company :)
Dad and Mom with all the little ones.  So precious.
Practicing their instuments
Working on the Barn
Here Dad and Tayte are installing the big roll-away door.
 Talking to Grandma on the phone.
Between the times we get to be together, we stay very in touch via the phone. :)

Elizabeth's 11'th Birthday
Due to a visit from special friends on her birthday, we surprised Elizabeth a day early by decorating the dining room and preparing her special dinner.  She was thrilled!
 She got a mandolin for her birthday.
Something she's been wanting for a while, and was very excited about!
Angel Food Cake is Elizabeth's consistent birthday request.
We only put one candle on the cake, and thanks to a creative big brother she got to blow it out 11 times. :)
Tayte and Sarah enjoying suckers, and each other.

Trip to the Tyson Museum where Dad works with sweet friends, the T. Family
Four sweet little friends
A bit blurry, but worth the capture of these four big smiles.
These two fellas made us a fenomenal breakfast of biscuits and eggs.
Yes, these boys can make biscuits! :)  Thanks to Mrs. T. sharing her excellent recipe, we are now frequently enjoying wonderful whole wheat biscuits.

After my bus trip up to Ohio, Grandma and I made the drive back down to Georgia.
That fifteen hour drive is a long hall, but we were smiling and laughing when we drove up and were greeted by a yellow smiley face balloon tied to the mail box followed by excited big hugs from everyone.  Inside they had decorated the dining room too, complete with smiley face sugar cookies (Grandma's favorite) :-).  It sure was good to be home.  Truly, there's no place like it!  We are all so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with each other.
Grandma reading to the little girls.

Each spring as part of the afternoon service at our church we have a time of people playing and singing hymns.  It's a neat way to see the children progress in their skills, and is encouraging to everyone.
 Titus playing Jesus, Lord of Glory
Esther playing Oh How I Love Jesus
Sarah playing Amazing Grace
Elizabeth playing Come Thou Fount
Elizabeth playing Rejoice in the Lord Always

Mom's Birthday
Mom's special request for breakfast was scones and poached eggs; her favorites.
For dinner we did a fish fry, and her favorite dessert - cheesecake with cherry topping. :-)
One of Mom's significant gifts was a coil binding machine, complete with every thing to get started.  She is extremely creative, and enjoys and takes very seriously organizing and taking care of everything in our home, with school, and with our hearts.  We are so thankful for her.  She is truly a virtuous woman of great price.

On the rare occasions when Daddy sits in the back seat, it's a big deal. :-)
You can only imagine where all the kiddos want to be.
Playing the Math Game
Daddy and the little ones playing ball
A quilt we made for another dear friend who recently had their first baby girl.

Thus ends our overview snapshots of the first four months of 2015 in the Alexander home.  Pictures are such a special way of capturing and remembering all those special memories and blessing that the Lord sends into our lives.  May we always take everything that He sends into our lives as sent from His hand for our good, growth, and joy in Him.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
- James 1:17 -
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.  He hath made everything beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end."
- Ecclesiastes 3:1,11 -

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