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Desmond Elliot Allowed Himself To Be Used, He Was Acting For His Political Godfathers To See His Loyalty – Reno Omokri


Nigerian Author, Reno Omokri has reacted to the recent saga concerning Nigerian politician, Desmond Elliot.

The “Facts vs Fiction” labelled Desmond Elliot an “Ambitious” person who was out to impress his political godfathers. The lawyer disclosed that even Desmond doesn’t believe what he said and has incurred the wrath of a nation whose power is now in the hands of the people.

He wrote;

“Desmond Elliott was acting for his political godfathers to see his loyalty. He is ambitious. He does not believe what he said. He believed he was writing a promotion exam. And he felt that the person that would grade his paper is Bola Tinubu. But Nigeria has changed. Power has shifted to the people.

Even Bola Tinubu himself can’t recover from the effects of the last two weeks. Desmond Elliot expects someone who can’t save himself to save him. Alas, he unwisely chose to be the proverbial fly that followed the corpse into the grave. Tinubu is now a political corpse.

He once had the Midas Touch. But now, all that Tinubu has left is the Leprous Touch! Desmond incurred the wrath of forces more powerful than his godfathers, and they may sacrifice him to appease that force”


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