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2019: BCO Vienna Campaign, Assures Victory For PMB – Amb. Coomassie

Amb. Hussaini H. Coomassie is the deputy national coordinator, Buhari Campaign Organisation in change of the entire north and also the special adviser to the national coordinator on Diaspora. He’s also the founder, Association for Good Governance Network Nigeria with branches in Vienna, Poland UK and elsewhere. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on why his organisation has been championing a victorious 2019 election for President Muhammadu Buhari and its coming BCO Vienna Awareness Campaign 2018.

Both the opposition and your party are preparing ahead of 2019. Your organisation has been championing the cause to see the president continue in 2019. What should people be expecting from your organisation or should I say how prepared are you?


We are very prepared. President Muhammadu Buhari to the best of my knowledge need not campaign. We are on ground clearing up the pitch for the match to begin. The context is like between Chelsea versus Eyimba FC. You know they can’t be compared. But also you know people need to be told what’s happening in this government. We don’t insult people. We tell people what we have to showcase to them, what this administration has done in the last 3½ years. To say the truth, the problem with this administration is that we don’t have spokesmen, people that can propagate the image of the Federal Government and its daily achievements. This government has done exceptionally well in the last 3years, more than our expectations.

But because we aren’t projecting, speaking and bringing it to the doorsteps of common Nigerians, they don’t know about it. The elites are the ones crying because the president has been able to block all the loopholes they use in loot government and the people’s funds. The farmers especially have benefited a lot from this government and they are not complaining. These are the people who would come out in 2019 enmasse to vote for President Buhari. We have finished our preparation and by the special grace of God, we will come out victorious.

You talked about those saddled with the responsibilities of passing out information to the public aren’t doing their jobs. As a chieftain of the APC, what do you this can be done to cushion these anomalies?


That is why we see it now as a responsibility to tell Nigerians what they need to know. Because if we are waiting for the government spokes persons, the lies they use in convincing the common man on the streets on a daily basis is appalling. You know lies are sweet to hear. When one is telling lies, it is sweet but doesn’t last. But on the contrary, when you are telling the truth, it’s bitter. We can’t continue wait for NOA or the Information Ministry to talk again.

We are on our foot day and night to defend this government telling people what they need to know, home and abroad. We speak on issues constructively the way it is. We have many organisation that are championing this programme, we have BCO, GOGGAN, BYO and others. They are sub organisations affiliated to the national body of the national campaign group and the mother party, APC. On our part, we comb localities to educate and inform them on the dividends of this administration.


And we have a been able to succeed 100 per cent the last 3months through the rallies. We started our rallies earlier and now, the campaign is on. Currently, I am taken the campaign to the diaspora. Even though we don’t expect votes from those in diaspora, we still need them because they pose a lot of influence in Nigeria also because their minds have been tampered with, we need to guide and reposition their mindsets due to the negative news being peddled by the enemies of this administration. This led me to initiate the project called “The Diaspora Awareness Campaign” which by the special grace of God in the next few days, we would be in Vienna to flag-off the awareness campaign and town hall meeting. That is, Nigerians in and the neighbouring Austria , Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and environs would be in Vienna to see us telling the world what the Buhari administration has done in the last 3½ years.

The projects executed by the Buhari administration is visible. Whatever we tell the people, they should go there and see. It is not like the second Niger bridge the past administration told Nigeria they were constructing which was only on paper. But ours, go there and you will see the work is on going, Abuja-Kano road is under construction, Lagos-Ibadan is under construction, Okene-Lokoja-Lagos is on going. The rails are working and others are under construction. Nigeria Air will soon come to life. So many things this administration has done that the people are not aware of. So where were the PDP led government while all these were on ground? With the little resources at our disposal, we were able to attain this height. We don’t do magic. It is only God that has the power.

We humans have to be patient. Within 3½ years we have been able to reposition this country for a brighter future. Let me give you one information, the Northern Youth Circle with over 470,000 members have agreed to align with my organisation (Buhari Campaign Organisation), likewise the United Farmers, Produce & Export Association Of Nigeria( UNIFPEAN) with over a million members. NARTO, Abuja chapter too aren’t left out. They promised to give PMB their vote through my organisation. All these organisation are doing this because of me. I tell you my brother, we are not going back to Egypt I’m sorry.

What do you think about the cloning issue being the rave that the President even had to react to, what’s your position about it?

You know like what I said earlier, lies are sweet to the ears but doesn’t last, but truth is very bitter. The fact about it is that these guys knew what they have done to the President. They expected him dead and he’s still alive because God has intervened. They are looking at it that many people who went through the sojourn he pass through didnt make it, so they are angry that why should he make it alive.

In their assertion, they wanted to bastardise our thoughts,poison our minds but they have failed. It is an insult to Nigerians. Left for me, I won’t even take it as an issue. I am a Muslim. As a Muslim, the corps of a Muslim is not supposed to be kept at home for more than 24hours. So how could someone from its own myopic and foolishness concoct such evil to poison the mindset of the people? This is evil and will never go unpunished. Anybody responsible for this misinformation may God never allow that person to go unpunished. The issue is an insult to my person, and left for me, my President, Muhammadu Buhari will continue his good works even if they like they should call him any name they want.

What should we expect from the BCO Vienna Awareness Campaign 2018, especially as it’s coming at this critical time ahead of the 2019 election?

If it were for the people that love the president we won’t even bother to embark on this journey. We are going there to reposition the minds of the people that hate him. My dear bother, by the time we finish with the Vienna convention, I call it a convention because it is a battle between good and evil. By the time we return from Vienna by the special grace of God, you will have story to tell not me. Because we will definitely make it a blast! And we will touch and change their mindsets. It would be a different ball game when we return.

After Vienna, we would go to Hungary, Portugal, Malaysia even though we have already kicked-off in Malaysia, we would go and flag it off. I will make sure by the special grace of God, between now and the time of the election, I have touched all continent of the world. Any place that would be difficult to go, I will assign our representatives because we have coordinators all over the globe. For instance, if I am in Vienna for instance, I will ask my coordinator in the USA to flag it off over there. So we are going to touch minds and come 2019, we will see the President being sworn in for a second term in office to continue the good work his administration has already started.

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