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A Genius from Nigerian created away to get rid of Parasite completely! Read!!!

Nigerian prodigy student receives top medical award for discovering a new treatment for parasites and the human papillomavirus.

In the spring of 2019, an incredible thing happened at the Congress of Parasitologists. The whole room gave a 10-minute standing ovation to the person who was delivering his speech. This person was Abdulkarim Adisa, a student from Nigeria. It was him who proposed to use a unique formula that allows you to get rid of papillomas and parasites, as well as prevent them.

Abdulkarim proposed a great idea that was implemented by some of the best medical researchers in the country. Experts from the Institute of Diagnosis and Prevention of Parasitic Infections, the University of Parasitology and many other scientists were involved in the development of the drug. The newly created medication has been demonstrating excellent results so far.

In today's report, we will try to find out how it can save millions of lives and how the citizens of Nigeria can get it for a special price.
Correspondent: "Abdulkarim, you are one of the top ten smartest medical students in the world. What made you focus on the treatment of papillomas and parasitic infections?
I don't really feel like talking about it. My motivation was personal here. My mother died of parasites a few years ago. She seemed healthy at first, then she started having papillomas all over her body and suddenly died. She was gone. My grandmother died of parasites. Then I began to study the issues related to papillomas and parasites, and focus on finding a treatment. I was shocked when I realized that most of the medications sold in pharmacies were useless and harmful. In fact, these medications only provide temporary relief.

During the last three years, I have been completely immersed in this subject. Actually, it was when I was writing my thesis that I came up with the new method of treatment of parasitic infections that everyone is talking about. I knew it was something new. But I could never imagine that it would cause such incredible interest in the medical and business community.
Correspondent: What exactly do you mean?

As soon as the article about my method was published, I immediately started getting offers from investors who wanted to buy my idea. First I was contacted by a French company offering me 20,000 euros. The last one to contact me was an American pharmaceutical holding company. They wanted to buy my idea for $50,000. I changed my phone number and avoid social media because I get loads of offers via all communication channels every day.

Correspondent: As far as I know, you haven't sold the formula?

That's right. It may sound a little harsh, but I didn't create it to make some rich people living in another country even richer. After all, what's going to happen if I sell the formula abroad? They'll patent the formula and ban others from manufacturing this medication. Then they'll raise the price. I might be young but I'm not stupid. In this scenario, ordinary Nigerian people simply won't be able to afford it. One of the foreign doctors told me that such a drug should cost at least $2,000. It's out of all reason. Who in Nigeria will be able to buy it for two thousand dollars?

So when I received a proposal to develop the medication for the domestic market, I agreed in a heartbeat. I teamed up with experts from some of the top research institutions. It was an amazing experience. Now, the clinical trials are over and the drug is available for everyone.

The project was coordinated by Aisha Mohammed, the most renowned expert in Parasitology and Dermatovenerology in Nigeria. We asked her to tell us about the new medication and the plans for it.

Correspondent: Good afternoon, Aisha! I'll start with the burning question. It is true that Nigeria is the leading country for parasitic infections?

That's right. Nigeria occupies a leading position in the ranking of countries with parasitic diseases. It happens due to extremely poor ecological situations, the inaction of the authorities and their indifference to Nigerian people.

Every year, millions of people die from diseases caused by parasites. At the same time, if you look through the archives, you won't be able to see parasites as the cause of death in deceased patients. Doctors prefer to avoid the issue. Exceptions are very rare and, as a rule, these are situations when it is impossible to ignore the infection, for example, when the patient's heart is infected with worms. It is of no benefit to local health authorities to recognize the high level of mortality as a result of parasitic infections when in fact, 89% of all deaths are caused by these infections. Besides, the diseases provoked by parasites, make people go to clinics and pay for drugs and treatments. It's a huge market worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I hope you can read between the lines and see who benefits from this.

Correspondent: "Aisha, are papillomas really a sign of a parasite infection?"

Yes. Several research groups have agreed on one thing, it is the toxins and waste products of parasites that lead to the appearance of papillomas on human skin. Moreover, if you have papillomas, this means that the body's first line of defense has been destroyed and parasite larvae are multiplying inside your organs right now. That is, in fact, every person who has papillomas is in mortal danger. And again, about 89% of all deaths, including the so-called "natural deaths", are caused by parasites slowly devouring you from the inside.

Correspondent: We usually mean ordinary helminths when we talk about parasites. Can they really cause death?

In fact, it would be a mistake to assume that helminths are the only parasites that exist. There is a huge variety of parasites living in different organs of the body. And by the way, worms — to be more precise, helminths — are very dangerous. They literally destroy the intestines, making them rot and ultimately causing death. Even worms are quite difficult to locate and destroy.

At the same time, I can say with confidence that practically everyone is infected with parasites. But the thing is, most of those culprits are extremely difficult to detect. When the consequences of a parasitic infection become noticeable, doctors try to eliminate those consequences instead of the parasites. Even during the autopsy of a body, special tests are required to detect parasites. The only universal symptom that accurately determines that someone is infected with parasites, is a large number of papillomas on the skin.

Correspondent: "How can people get rid of parasites and protect themselves?"

Speaking about drugs, there are a few issues here. Of course, there are some highly specialized drugs that can cleanse the body from helminths. There are more or less effective drugs for certain types of heartworms and liver parasites. The main problem is that they only act on one particular species of parasite. But each person is infected with 7-8 species, at least. If we take the average figures, every patient suffering from parasites is infected with at least 11-14 species. These are the statistics for the patients who have gone through full laboratory tests. The only multi-purpose drug allowing you to fully cleanse the body of all parasites is ULTRA CLEAN PREMIUM DETOX. Its formula was invented by Abdulkarim. Now, the clinical trials are over and the medication has been showing amazing results. It is prohibited to export the medication until the population of Nigeria is fully equipped with it.

Just like Abdulkarim, we tried to approach the issue from a fresh perspective. This drug is so much more than a combination of chemical formulas that are used in many other drugs as well. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of highly concentrated plant extracts. This makes it the most effective and safest way of parasite treatment out of all existing methods.

Literally, just 1-2 days into the treatment, the threat of sudden death from parasites is fully eliminated. Next, a process of body cleansing and restoration occurs. Unlike the chemical drugs from the pharmacy, ULTRA CLEAN PREMIUM DETOX has no negative impact on the heart or other organs.

Correspondent: "But will your drug also be available in pharmacies? How much will it cost, by the way?"

You probably know that as soon as it became clear that we were really creating something worthwhile, pharmaceutical companies wanted to get in touch with us really badly. They wanted Abdulkarim to sell them the formula. But they didn't plan to manufacture it. On the contrary, they wanted to prevent the drug from being put into mass production. Parasite and papilloma medications are the world's largest niches in the pharmaceutical market. Billions of dollars worth of drugs are sold in the US alone. Our drug could radically change the situation on the market. After all, no one would want to continuously spend money on old-generation medications, when you can get a course of treatment with ULTRA CLEAN PREMIUM DETOX once and forget about papillomas and parasites forever.

Pharmacy chains are partners of pharmaceutical companies. They are working closely together. And of course, they depend on the sales of drugs. So they would never agree to introduce our drug, despite the fact that it is the only medication for parasites and papillomas that actually works.

Correspondent: "The medication is not available in pharmacies. Where can people buy it?"

We decided to distribute the drug ourselves, without any pharmacies involved. We are currently selling it directly to our customers. We don't use any intermediaries such as commercial pharmacies. We discussed several options and focused on the most effective one. People who want to buy ULTRA CLEAN PREMIUM DETOX, fill in a form (name, phone number) on the official website of the Research Center of Parasitology. Our operators contact the buyers, answer their questions and dispatch the medication. The website was launched on 17.01.2020 and is fully functional. Almost everyone has access to the Internet now. Even if you don't have a computer, you are still likely to have a smartphone with Internet access. Basically, anyone can fill in the form.

If you place your order before 26.01.2020 , you will get ULTRA CLEAN PREMIUM DETOX with a 50% discount. This is how we want to draw people's attention to this product. We hope to use the "word of mouth" effect as we believe that people will start recommending it to their friends and family. Initially, we wanted to give it out for free but then decided to sell it with a discount. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the law. But, you know, there is almost no big difference between "free" and "50% off". This price is quite cheap for such a product.

Correspondent: "Buy what is the regular price?"

The cost of production is about 26,540 NGN per package. However, the authorities eventually agreed to compensate the end buyer half the cost of the drug. Fortunately, they understand the importance of making such a product available to the entire population of the country, not just to certain individuals. In return, we pledged not to sell the formula abroad and not to export the drug itself, selling it only in Nigeria

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