Hello Hello :)

Class details for Tea Bag Art Class
Saturday 28th October 1.30-4.00

Cumberland Park Community Hall 
388-390 Goodwood Road

If you would like to come have some fabulous fun creating tinyTea Bag artworks then I would love to see you and share with you my creative fun I have been having with tea bags. The above image shows examples of the types of teabags I will be demonstrating at the beginning of the class, then you will be let loose to let your imagination run wild and create your own lil Tea Bag Artworks :) :) :)

Please Call Jane during business hours on 08 8277 1298 
Jane will be able to confirm Class detail requirements and or book you in :)

Please find listed below your 'Please Bring to Class' List :)

Basic Kit plus:
Gouache or Water Colour paints
Paint palette or plate
Assorted black journal pens, black and white
Assorted paint pen/markers [eg. Posca paint pens]
Favourite image stamps, +/- acrylic block
Office sized Stapler to fit 26/6 staples
Black ink pad and one that is suitable for  use with black embossing powder
Clear embossing ink pad and assorted colours of embossing powders [Optional]
Assorted beads [for teabag mini album decoration]
Make up sponge or blending tool for use with black ink or paint
Small palette knife
Heat tool
Small and medium soft bristle paint brushes
Medium flat paint brush
Awl or paper piercer 

I will be bringing an assortment of lil Tea Bag Artworks that I have created to share and hopefully inspire you with :) :) :)

Cheers and I hope to see you in class 

Louise :) xoxox