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Yale UCL Medical and Engineering Students' Poetry Competition 2013 third place winner


The mouth of the aircraft swallowed her husband,
brought back Medusa.

When they make love he looks away,
his eyes never left her before.

She planned to celebrate his homecoming,
he disappears at gathering.

He embedded a razor blade in soap
washed himself and wept.

She declared her love would never die
he raised a fist and she kissed it.

His little brother asked to see his medals
he took him to a friend’s grave.

He was hailed a hero in the paper
and stoked the furnace with it.

His wife wants to try for a baby

he packed his bags for war.

Name: Nicoleta Liliana Ciobanu
University: University College London, MSc. Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism, Faculty of Engineering

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