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You roll over and open your eyes,the feeling of calmness that normally greets you when you wake up changes to fright,and a mild anger. “Jesus Christ!” you exclaim 7:21AM. You quickly tap your roommates and then the mad rush begins.For some queer reason,the hostel generator is not on, and our Power Holding company  is living up to its name:Holding power.No light,means no water,no water means long queue in front of the tank in each block.Long queues means late students and unfortunately you were one of them.
You were carrying your water up the stairs when the handle broke,as you struggled to save what was left of your water,your classmate strolled by.He was dressed in a crisp white shirt,blue tie and navy blue trousers.He was heading to class. “Hey,please what’s the time?” “7:45AM“.

You ran to the tank to see how long the queue was, but to your dismay,it was two times as long as it had been when you left, and guys were already tilting the tank to get the little water left at the bottom.So you shrugged and decided to ‘manage’ what you had. Managing was impossible and 7:58AMmet you in the bathroom,all covered in soap,bitter and upset.Eventually,the generator’s roar came and some minutes later,the  shower began to spurt water from its rusty holes.You braved it and hurriedly rinsed your body.

8:12AM met you running along the walkway to class,panting and wheezing as your asthma began to kick in.
8:15AM found you with one arm outstretched as Mr. Mike was shutting the giant doors of TBS.
8:16AM met you wheezing in front of class,reaching into your pocket for your ventoline inhaler, while the  class snickered and Mr. Mike moved his hands in famous gesture and shouted, “out!!!”

8:20AM found you in your seat after much pleading, and after the lecturer told Mr. Mike to let you stay.
10:15AM found you  dozing off in class, only to be called to answer a question,when you had no idea what the class was about.

5:00PM met you walking towards the hostel, after a hectic day, interspersed with two laboratory session, and over 500 power point slides to go over.
9:00PM met you at ‘collabo’ shouting, “one fried rice and one moi moi”, holding two hundred naira in one hand and your reading lamp in the other.
2:00AM found you trudging like an automaton to your hostel with sleepy eyes and tired face.
3:00AM found you eventually falling asleep after trying to empty your mind of all the morbid and pharmac you had stuffed inside.
7:21AM found you rolling over again, with the exclamation of, “Jesus Christ”,until you realized you didn’t not have morbid anatomy first, and so you calmed down.But hey,it was just another day in your life as a ‘final year’ Basic Medical student.


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