Good Monday Morning!!!  Thank you so much, Sandy, for inviting me to contribute to Scrapbooking Fanatics!!

I have been scrapbooking for probably close to 10 years now...and I love it!  I have always loved art and this is another great way to express yourself.

Today is Inspirational Monday...tell me what inspires you in your scrapbooking?  Besides all the photos (and I have thousands!)...I have always had a love for paper!!!

I love the smell of new paper, the feel of all the different textures, and all the wonderful colors!  Even as a much younger girl, I would have piles of stationary I just HAD to have then could never bring myself to use it!  Sandy has a lot of paper to choose from in the store...make sure you check it out!

I also love a good quote...with the end of school upon us and my son moving up to High School, I found this quote that will be great on a scrappy page!  "There's this Boy who stole my heart...he calls me Mum"...Let's see you use this on a scrapbook layout or card!

There is so much to use to inspire a scrapbook page, we'll see a bit more throughout the week!  For today have a super Monday and hope you can find some special paper for your layouts!