Monday is here again! Where does the time go? I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

My daughter, Madyson celebrated her 10th Birthday on Friday! Saturday and Sunday was filled with lots of ringette activity. Madyson was in an outside ringette tournament, here in St. Albert. The weather was great, and it was something I'm sure she will never forget!

An inspirational post....something that will lift us up and get us ready for the week ahead. I had many ideas today, but my morning had its own ideas, and just seem to uplift itself.

I woke up this morning, actually excited about the week. I have an enormous list of things to do, and I am looking forward to getting them accomplished. My day started off as usual, taking my daughter to school and then making a quick stop at Tim's (not always, but most often). Today was an extra special day, for the customer in front of me paid for my coffee. Sometimes I know the person in front of me and they would treat me as I would do the same for them. But today, a random person started a "paying it forward" line. This just put a smile on my face! And of course, I gladly participated in "paying it forward" for the customer behind me. I hope it made their day, as much as it did mine!

Do you have any experiences or thoughts which motivate you for the week ahead? Have you ever started or been a receiver of a "paying it forward" situation?

I look forward to hearing your comments!

Have a great day!

PS All comments for this week will be put in for a draw.....I'm not sure what it will be yet...I will announce it tomorrow!