I hope all of you had an amazing Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

We spent our holidays in Vancouver (where Geoff & I are originally from) with our families and then travelled to Maui to ring in the New Year. We are still here enjoying the scenery, sun and sand.

It's hard to believe we have entered a New Year, 2012!! I am soooo excited for this year ahead of us. I've never been one who has made many New Year Resolutions, for I haven't always been accountable to the HUGE goals I usually make. A friend of mine, Wendy T, made a mini album a few years ago, titled, ''InTENtions'' and I have always loved the concept. InTENtions doesn't sound as rigid for some reason. So I would like to share a few of my InTENtions with you.

1. To become a faithful blogger
2. To conquer some of my fears
3. To make time for myself

A year has past since I purchased Scrapbooking Fanatics. What a year it has been! At the time of purchase, my life was a whirlwind, on top of tackling a NEW ADVENTURE. The challenge in front of me was much bigger than I had ever imagined.... if you thought Jayme was an amazing individual, try to keep up with all that is needed to be done to make SF happen. (Jayme, I will gradually get there!) Running a business has already taught me so much. I knew I would have a HUGE learning curve regarding the store, but I didn't realize all the other lessons that I would need to learn along the way. This brings me to my first 3 InTENtions.

I have spent my first year with SF learning the website, ordering, and a whole lot of computer garble (my girlfriend says I'm the least technical 'Japanese' person she has ever encountered...lol...but so true), that there hasn't been much time for social media & networking. I am looking so forward to getting the blog on its feet and sharing with all of you. I hope you will enjoy my concept, some original SF ideas with a few new ones.... stay tuned.

I'm sorry this is long winded, but I promise this won't become a habit...I just wanted to share that InTENtions number 2 are to do with the business teaching me about myself (which perhaps I will share later so this entry won't be as long) and lastly, making time for myself....as I sit on our lanai in Hawaii, I have realized for me to accomplish ALL with a clear mind and to do the best I possibly can, I need time to feel the breeze, watch the palm trees sway and smell the lovely Hibiscus' that are growing around me....

I hope all of you are looking forward to 2012 as much as I am, and I look forward to chatting with you sooner than later!

I would love to hear some of your InTENtions for 2012!

Mahalo! Sandy