Aloha Everyone,

We are still here in beautiful Maui....a few more days to go. My husband and daughter have gone on another snorkeling tour today and I decided to decline. I have been swaying ever since I've been here, and being on another boat might do me in!

Before I left home, I had time to grab only a few scrapbooking items (ran out of time & room) to bring with me, just in case I could find some time to create.....Since I only have minimal supplies (not even a paper cutter), this will be a challenge and thought it would be a good challenge for you too! What I brought with me: some cardstock, patterned paper, tape runner, glossy accents, double sided peel offs, glitter, brads, flowers, smash pen, and scissors. Note: I have found a few Hawaiian nick nacks along the way, but that's it!

My challenge to you: Choose a few pieces of cardstock, patterned paper, a few embellishments, adhesive, scissors, and a journaling pen. Please do not use a papercutter, cricut or die cut machine. You may post your layout to FB or my email address. Let's make the challenge deadline for Sunday evening, January 15, 2012. Every layout will be entered for a chance to win a Hawaiian Surprise!

Be sure to comment on my blog to have a chance to win a Hawaiin Surprise.

Okay, I don't know how long this challenge will take me..... Aloha for now!